سرفصل های دوره VMware Installing, Configuring, Management (VCP-DCV)

 Introduction to Software-defined data center •
vSphere components and their function in the infrastructure •
Deploy an ESXi host •
  Deploy VMware vCenter Server Appliance •
 Use a local content library as an ISO store and deploy a virtual machine •
vCenter Server architecture •
Use vCenter Server to manage an ESXi host •
 Configure and manage vSphere infrastructure with VMware vSphere Client and VMware •
vSphere Web Client
 Virtual networks with vSphere standard switches •
Configure standard switch policies •
 Use vCenter Server to manage various types of host storage: VMware vSphere VMFS •
  NFS, virtual SAN, Fibre Channel, and VMware Virtual SAN -
 Manage virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots •
 Create, clone, and export a vApp •
 Use the content library •
 Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere vMotion •
 Use VMware vSphere Storage vMotion to migrate virtual machine storage •
 Monitor resource usage and manage resource pools •
 Use esxtop to identify and solve performance issues •
 VMware vSphere High Availability cluster architecture •
   Configure vSphere HA •
  Manage vSphere HA and VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance •
  Use VMware vSphere Replication and VMware vSphere Data Protection to replicate •
virtual machines and perform data recovery
 Use VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler clusters to improve host •
  Use VMware vSphere Update Manager to apply patches and perform basic •
troubleshooting of ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and vCenter Server operations.